I get the feeling, after having driven Akshay's wonderful E90 with the M Power kit, fleetingly and my stock F30 (and even after the ZF auto re-map) over six months, that the rear of the F30 is softer- and hence needs to be fixed for greater stability, especially over twisties and at high speeds. I don't think KYB is at the level of either one. Bilstein B6 I will be happy to get user reviews / experiences of selecting and subsequent The replacement shocks for ZQ8 are: Bilstein * Front B46-1307 * Rear B46-1681 Koni (4-way adjustable) * Front 30-1667 * Rear 30-1668 I am planning on replacing my stock shocks with one of the two brands. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. PartsGeek. With stock style 5 leaf springs in the rear I ran the koni's on the firmist dampening without a harsh ride. and about z71 suspenstion, I test drove a 2012 gmc z71, and I feel it too soft and kinda bouncing. Thank you for contacting us here at KONI NA. Shock absorbers are one of the most effective ways to improve ride quality on your Corvette. This is a discussion on Which Shocks to install on 98 Z28? SLP Bilstein vs Koni STRT within the General Help forums, Consumer Reviews for Koni Sport Like Tire Rack on Facebook Follow Tire Rack on Instagram Follow Tire Rack on Twitter Subscribe to Tire Rack on YouTube View our Koni Yellows: having to remove the rears in order to adjust them is a deal killer for me, but I'm willing to listen Koni STR. no entanto ele tem 145 mil km feitos e os The Koni Sport has been around the Miata world for decades, and now it's available for the ND! They are exceptionally long lived with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 98 Posts Koni does make decent absorbers though I would stray away from the FSD models as they were not Bilstein Touring should have been the stock struts/shocks on these cars. BILSTEIN HD. In the past I've had Bilstens and Konis, I much prefer the Koni's for street use, but overall, it also matters what springs you use in your setup. Street car and canyon driver. Kings progressives on a GQ wagon, touring, mainly bitumen, beach and rutted tracks. Bilstein and Koni both use the friction weld as well as an additional weld around the outside of the bottom eyelet. the Koni's are suposed to have a more controlled rebound which I assume means less bounce. Has anyone driven a GU/GQ on Koni or Bilsteins and can compare against the ride of Fox’s? Are Koni 82’s adequate or are 88’s worth the extra coin? Do the Bilstein’s stack up against the higher end Koni’s like the 88’s or are they only equivalent to the 82’s? Cheers, John. Bilstein shocks and struts will last 4 times longer then the Orginal Equipment shocks and struts. I found a set of brand new Koni Yellows for $455 vs Bilstein B6 $456 shipped and the Konis are available now. My thing is, people with Bilstein HD's are saying basically the same thing as the Koni people, so trying to decide if the Koni's are worth twice the price. Monroe is just scrap metal, not much else to say about them. Bilstein shocks—which one shall it be? While either one is an excellent choice, there are definitely things to take into consideration when making your buying decision. . KYB shocks and struts, what say you? It's time to replace shocks and struts on both my '01 4Runner SR5 and the wife's '00 Tacoma (Prerunner), both 2WD (sadly) I'm leaning toward the KYB Monomax for both. Let me So, in your SVTP opinions, should I snag the Koni (yellows) sale from MM and get all four corners covered, or stick with Bilsteins and just do the fronts for now. TBH i cant compare to the stock setup either as mine were dead from day 1 (bought car 2nd hand at 16000k) The BILSTEIN B6 Sport shock absorber uses a 46mm piston and implements Bilstein’s mono-tube/Upside-Down technology in its design. I'm looking into replacing the dampers and keeping the OEM springs, and from past experiences, Bilstein is the way to go. That said, for a DD, the Koni with the H&R springs is so much more comfortable than the setup on my Evo. These shocks feature a heavy duty design for towing or hauling. Sachs Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine. And it paid off. e. Koni has a few models also that are really good and worth looking at if they make them for your application. You may have to register before you can post: click What I can't decide on is what shocks to use with them. Koni has various high performance lines of shocks and their classic adjustable is the version available for the Sprinter. Bilstein Sport vs Koni FSD; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The Koni product is also a good choice for those who want a lowered ride. Koni vs Bilstein I've already read through most of the old Koni/Bilstein titled threads. One of the fastest off-the-shelf shocks you can run in stock class autocross. Bilstein does produce an excellent damper and they're recognized for that. cuorsportivo156 está desconectado  6 Feb 2017 A nivel de Bilstein, podemos encontrar marcas de semejante calidad y adecuados precios para todos los conductores, POZZI, Koni, Fortune  25 Jan 2015 Suspension - Koni sports vs. Koni's are nice too. These Heavy Duty Bilstein shock absorbers for the RV Chassis are an inexpensive way to increase handling control and improve your ride quality. Using my car for lots and lots of autocross. Dear All Would like to enquire some expert advise on how these 2 compare in terms of handling & comfort. The BILSTEIN B6 is ideal gas-pressure shock absorber for those who refuse to compromise between performance or comfort. Koni's may be fine for vehicles loaded close to the max, but our's was not. Bilstein Shocks: What Shocks are Right for Me? …really that much better then KYB or KONI?" Well here is the answer to that. The result is a very smooth ride under an very wide band of circumstances. ). We get the usual jolts over railroad tracks and potholes plus what I call "porpoising" over small bumps. Sen sijaan Koni Special oli erehdys, se on omassa lullassani jopa vakioiskaria löysempi sisäänjoustossa. I would definatly instruct a shop to cut one bump stop if I was having the H&R's installed. overpass/ road joints we experience pretty bad front to rear bouncing. Koni also makes a nice product. Also you will need to space your bump stops down by about 30mm, and recommended to put in 20mm coil spacers so they don't come loose at full droop. Boge/Sachs vs. I have a slightly lowered 02. Stiffer isn't always better either, but either should work well with stock or slightly lower or stiffer spring rates. Koni produced its first friction shock absorber in 1932 and developed the industry’s first adjustable shock in 1945. They weight about 4x of the Bilstein's that were blue and yellow. Itseasiassa ne ovat varsin hyvät korvausiskarit "sportimpien" vakiojousien kanssa ja oman kokemukseni mukaan jopa kulahtanutta vakiota mukavammat. JRZ vs Koni vs Bilstein. Bilstein -- potential longer service life and better handling. The life expectancy of any of the top three brand shocks, such as Bilstein, Koni or Road King, is normally over 100,000 miles. KONI HT RAID is intended for heavy duty use. Bilstein developed the first mono-tube gas pressure shock in a standard production Mercedes-Benz in 1957 and has been a leading manufacturer of shocks and suspension components ever since. Here's what I think is the BIGGEST difference you need to keep in mind. (Daily driving, non-track). It's called the Bilstein's Comfitrac® Working Piston. actually any input at all regarding Bilstein vs KYB shocks. Lots of opinions on which are better or worse for any particular application. My recollection from previous posts is that Bilstein seems to be favored for our 107's. Order today online or by calling us at 1 (877) 774-6473! Shoduchi Escreveu:Vai para os Bilstein B8, a Bilstein vende esse amortecedores com essas molas no kit B12. The Mustang Cobra rear shocks 8041 1270sport has similar mounting attachments at both the top and bottom, and is approximately the same extended length. Bilstein motorhome shocks outperform any other shock on the market. The HD use a mono tube with high pressure nitrogen vs. BILSTEIN B8 6112. Twintube (eg Koni) vs foam cell (eg Toughdog) YouTube Twintube (eg Koni) vs monotube (eg Bilstein My Accord is 13 years old and has about 125K miles on it. 00 for new Bilstein's hoping it would help. Have had good experience with both Koni Yellow and Bilstein HD dampers in the past, though on completely different vehicles. I installed the Koni FSD's on our front suspension only in Jan 2007 and so far they're still giving us a comfortable ride. 1. The KONI is a low-pressure design and more street-friendly. The factory BMW 3-Series suspension is well engineered and finely tuned for everyday use. As an authorized Bilstein dealer, we install Bilstein motorhome shocks in our truck and trailer repair facility in Saginaw, Michigan. Since I'll probably go with some fresh OE Sport springs, what should I do for the struts? 1: Go Bilstein TC's all around. not shure how it'll be with the H&R's on it. This adjustment feature can be used to compensate for wear or allow you to fine tune your ride to your specific preference. looking to upgrade my suspension. Just wondering on everyones opinion its a toss up now between Koni FSD,s and Bilstein B8,s I know a few people on here are using the B8,s which were going to be my choice. The trade off is a bit more rigidity with the Bilsteins - but not enough to compromise comfort significantly. Search My Stuff. Benefits Exclusive Bilstein HD series valving is the key to high performance and good ride quality with lowering and performance need input - Koni/ Bilstein/ Rancho shock absorbers. Thanks. I remember reading about ride height issues mixing Koni struts for newer or older applications as well. I was wondering if anyone knows how the Koni yellow sport shocks compare to the Bilstein SD Street shocks that they do not make anymore? I cant find the old Bilstein streets anywhere, so I was thinking about getting the Koni yellow sport ones. Koni/Ground Control vs. my car is about 97% stock as it sits but my vision for her is a totally functional mountain twisty carver; similar to matt farah's fox, that is the exact type of build ive always wanted to do and when i saw he it completely clicked. Re: OEM vs Koni Yellow vs Bilstein B6/B8 Post by stupot67 » Thu May 29, 2014 11:02 am I'm leaning more towards the Koni's, read a few reviews saying that the B /8's are harsher than OEM, and for a fun weekend road car the Zed is plenty firm enough as is. Koni has no stock recommended shock for an 80 in north america. 2 Read More . For the damping, I don't know how the Bilstein TC's compare with the Koni STR. A lot of people, like me, are probably wondering if the Bilstein's are worth the extra cost over other brands what I mean is, I have no doubt they're the best, because I've never heard anyone say otherwise, but it's hard to justity spending $400+ on shocks/struts unless I know they're leaps and bounds above the next cheapest thing. KYB vs. I haven't read anything about the longevity of our dampers, but the roads I drive are appalling and wreak havoc on dampers. They list a different set of part numbers for 2011-2014. KONI makes adjustable shocks for numerous brands of RVs and coaches. Running older set of KYBs. como na zona dele é so estradas em paralelo e em mau estado e estacionar em cima dos passeios é o prato de cada dia ele aos 70 mil teve de trocar os amortecedores. We offer Free Shipping on Bilstein shock absorbers. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. Hope this helps. A: KONI Heavy Track shock absorbers are designed to improve ride and handling characteristics for overall all-day use. Amortiguadores Bilstein vs Koni Tuning. I'm either going to fit the B4s or B6s. Bilstein shocks carry a lifetime warranty unlike KYB or KONI. You can't discuss BMW shocks and struts without including KONI, makers of the very first adjustable shock absorber. Select your year to find the Bilstein products designed for your specific vehicle. Koni Sportit eivät ole oletusarvoisesti vakiopumppua lyhyemmät. Another major similarity is that pressure is also the same. I am researching Koni and Bilstein. Exclusive Bilstein Heavy Duty series valving controls high performance conventional springs as well as mild coil-over spring rates, while also providing the good ride quality required for a daily-driven Mustang. Re: Bilstein vs Tough Dog vs Dobinson Yeah although with the Tough Dogs as the bore is so big I had to use some washers to space out the bottom about 10mm. I think comparing Koni to KYB is like comparing hyndai to a benz. Koni and Bilstein both work good, quality of very good. They both have 360 psi nitrogen making them quite resistant to shocks. Started with the Koni sports, the compression damping was too little, the rebound set full hard was fine. But the other contender is Eibach, they should be a really nice setup as they are monotube vs twin tube of the KW's and they are have the softest springs up front at only 250lb/ft compared to all the others which are 300+, so when comfort and sporty driving is the requirement the Eibach should be a great setup and for 1k is not a bad price. Koni. suppliers of aftermarket shocks to the motorhome market: Bilstein, Koni and RoadKing. I'd like some fresh opinions, and some comments from members with first hand experience. The Bilstein 'black' OEM line is regrettably the only Sprinter offering from Bilstein currently available for the Sprinter. At least in excess of 150,000 miles when I sold the cars. Bumps that used to make me cringe are nothing now. Bilstein's do not outlast Koni's. 2: Run Koni STR. com for $900 front and back, and the bilsteins for $400. I preferred HD over the Koni. " - James P. la comparativa seria koni amarillos i bilstein sport. Although the feel is much softer than the Bilsteins, it is nowhere near the mushy feeling of the Monroe shocks. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bilstein BE5-2905 Heavy-Duty Gas Shock Absorber at Amazon. After two sets of Koni yellows that failed on me I decided to take Terry Fair's advice and give the vorshlag plate and bilstein combo a try. The debate rages on It's the discussion that continues to appear across numerous automotive forums: "Fox 2. Other than Koni costing more, I cant find a big difference between the two. Premium suppliers would be Koni or Bilstein. Bilstein shocks are built in state of the art facilities in Germany and the USA, ensuring precise manufacturing and reliable, dependable performance for years of use. Koni vs KYB . Learn more about KONI and the product lines for Consumer Automotive, Railway, Defense, Recreational Vehicles, Bus, Truck and Trailer as well as Motorsports and Racing. They’re synonymous with high-quality, top-shelf shock absorbers for all sorts of motor vehicles, with the list of racing winners that have Konis bolted to the shock towers too long to list. 7 Dec 2011 at 9:46 PM #21. I have been looking at bilstein b6s vs the koni yellows. I am trying to get user reviews for the following two dampers for a BMW 320d Sportline (F30): 1. They are also designed to improve the ride,… [Archive] Bilstein Sport vs HD shocks E60 / E61 (2004 - 2010) Bimmerfest - BMW Forums > BMW Model Discussions > 5 Series > E60 I recommend you look into Koni FSDs. Eibach or Bilstein When choosing your new shocks, you have a big decision to make. Now I'm ready to start a new one. KYB vs Monroe is a classic "battle" if it's about struts or absorbers. KONI shocks for BMWs come in several flavors: KONI STR. Bilstein. Monroe is a bottom feeder especially their aftermarket replacement parts, Gabriel is a bit better, KYB, Showa and Boge/Sachs (now TRW) are better yet. We offer Free Shipping on shock absorbers. T. Thank you for the reply, and yea i was leaning towards bilstein after a friend talked me out of coilovers and then said the koni's where garbage get bilstein. Call for a free quote on Bilstein, Eibach, KYB, Koni and Tokico Shocks and suspension today: 800-683-2890 I have Koni's with H&R springs in my GVR-4 and I have Bilsteins' with Swift Springs in my Evo. Bilstein Motorhome Shocks are engineered to fit the latest Imperial, Endeavor, and Cayman models as well as many other Monaco vehicles. I would steer clear of Monroe. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I read on VanCafe the Koni's are best of your going to use sport springs. The 4600 Bilstein is the yellow shock and offers no lift options. Shop from leading brands such as Monroe, KYB, Bilstein, Sachs, Arnott, Genuine, AC Delco, Pro Comp Suspension, Rancho, OSC Automotive, Skyjacker, Motorcraft, Koni and SenSen. Many 911's came from the factory with Bilsteins, and others came with Koni or Boge struts, which accept Bilstein shock inserts. Sachs Post by JRL » 20 Jul 2010, 17:55 I've used all but before I answer you need to post the kind of Volvo, your mileage, wheels and tires, what kind of ride are you looking for, etc. Bilstein HD's VS SLP Bilstein. regards Alan oem sachs vs koni vs bilstein. The rears were KYB (blew) and front stocks, so what Moses said KONI SPORT vs. WOW! This FWD car handles amazing now. Sachs -- harder to find but about the same price as Bilstein when I finally found a source. Koni offers technical solutions for a wide range of segments – from passenger cars to trains and industrial applications like bridges. (Had koni adjustables on e30 m3, changed them for Bilsteins + Eibach springs, and wished I could go back!). They have that same Bilstein 0-1. In my post, I was not directly comparing the Bilstein Sport vs. Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by indolent, Dec 3, 2011. The Bilstein dampers are the most durable/hardest riding, Koni Yellow is a bit more compliant and softer than the Bilstein while still being comparable for performance/balance and the FSD will be more focused on comfort with performance taking a back seat. The car feels great on the highway AND in the corners. Bilstein and Koni each build shocks that you can depend on for years of service through any terrain, any temperature, and any circumstances you will find yourself in while driving your RV. Below is a promotion chart for the Koni sports shocks on the 135 model - a smart move given some of the issues with the FSDs. Bilstein->Amortiguador monotubo con gas a alta presion Koni->bitubo de gas Por construccion es muchisimo mejor un monotubo, menor desgaste, menor calentamiento, mejor comportamiento, mas progresividad, mejor resistencia a la fatiga, menos variacion de respuesta frente a los cambios de temperatura, son reparables y duran toda la vida, etc. For shock absorbers heavy loads or trailering are a big challenge. Re: Koni vs Bilstein vs whatever If you're looking for a more compliant or smoother ride you are not going to find it by changing just the shocks. Bilstein, Koni, Koni FSD, or Sachs? - Saabnet. Use this extensive review to figure out which solution is best for your ride. Bilstein offers a huge line of shocks, struts, coil springs, lift kits, steering stabilizers, bushings, and more. In other words, their internal technology and build are pretty much the same. Simply remove all your stock crap and fit these units, AS WELL AS. VMAXX First, lemme get out of the way that I know nothing about suspension - it's the one thing I can't seem to wrap my head around how it works, so apologies if I get my info wrong here. Buy your Koni Shocks here from an authorized Koni Distributor. Affordable price, decent performance, will be around for a few years without issues. - Snellville, GA ive got bilstein b8 with eibach pro kit on a gen1 mps 3. There are the koni sports which are adjustable from soft to back breaking. As they heat up, the gas pressure increases and the shock improves. Decisions, decisions. Full soft on KONI is softer than non-adjustable Bilstein with the same springs. Bilstein B4 vs B6 question I've opted for Bilstein purely because I cannot be bothered with the spacers and added hassle of the Koni shocks. All are OEM suppliers. I replaced my shocks with Koni, however after reading an article in Motorhome Magazine April 2, 2009 I would have used Bilstien shocks. KONI has taken shock absorber performance and comfort to the next level with patented FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology. *The Bilstein 5100 rear shocks designed to run on a truck with 3-4" of rear lift. 12-03-2013, 08:26 The bilsteins are also very good, they are monotube where as koni are twin tube so retain more comfort over the bilsteins on their basic damper settings. There is a reason the Bilstein's do cost more, and there is a performance difference between all of the shocks. As a side note, the 4600 rears are still unavailable as Bilstein is retooling their manufacturing facilities and the demand for Pajero/Montero shocks of this era of vehicle is very limited. The following statement is a response from Andrew Carlson @ IPD to a concern of mine & should be to any Volvo enthusiast when considering Bilstein 4600 vs 5100 Bilstein 4600 vs 5100 – What’s the same? They have the same stock height and valving. The data on that slideshow certainly back up my impression that the koni's are stiffer. Bilstein and Koni both run lifetime warranties on defects. Bilstein Australia's Outback Adventure Pt. Any input would be great. This is a discussion on Bilstein HD's VS SLP Bilstein within the Suspension and Handling forums, part of the General Help category; Originally Posted by 00camaro16 so why do people suggest to use 3rd gen rear shocks. Hopefully someone here will have some experience. The KONI FSD valving performs best in combination with the car’s factory springs. These are part #35-128717 and 24-122245. Koni's and Bilstein's will improve handling and have way better rebound control than the factory stuff but the harshness you're describing doesn't sound like it has anything to do with the shocks. Koni then refunds the cost if the failure is covered under warranty. I think Tirerack has the cheapest price and they said it'll be available end of August. I would suggest putting it on one level up from the bottom, it will give you less than 1" of lift but provides the best ride. however the rear shocks won't be adjustable while on the car. 75" lift front adjustable strut listed twice (check the part #'s) in conjunction with the two different Bilstein 5100 rear shocks for the NNBS: *The Bilstein 5100 rear shocks designed to run on a truck with 0-1" of rear lift. I would also avoid the RSX as they are very stiff on a ZJ. I wonder where the Koni FSD's would rank in that group? Share this post. Re: Koni vs. We are committed to making the best quality suspension parts available to you at affordable prices. Bilstein Sports - I'm looking to replace my shocks on my R56. Eu tenho H&R -30 mm para GTI (logo equivalente a -50 mm numa suspensão normal pois o GTI é 20 mm rebaixado em relação à suspensão normal) e com Koni Sport afinados pelo Mário Marques a suspensão ficou muito boa em termos de conforto para o material que é. K Koni Yellow PN's Bilstein #'s. Yep, I'm re-awakening an old thread here, but Koni Vs Bilstein is the exercise I'm going through now. . Can anyone lend me their knowledge on the matter? For the price they're good, but basically the Bilstein is just a different league than the Koni oranges, is what you're essentially saying right? I'm just referring to the Orange Koni vs. If I'm not mistaken, (which often I am) I believe Bilstein now has a shock with special valving similar to the Koni FSD. Continue through this site to learn more about KONI and the product lines for Consumer Automotive, Railway, Defense, Recreational Vehicles, Bus, Truck and Trailer as well as Motorsports and Racing. 000 km of usage the Front shock becomes noisy. Lots of folks complain/comment about the ride quality of Bilstein (HD). If Koni isn't any worse/better, i'll probably go ahead and buy the package from MM because of the sale. They are also designed to improve the ride, handling and control of your Eibach vs H&R / Koni vs Bilstein Unfortunately, there seems to be a NA-wide backorder, and won't be available until mid-July. All high performance shocks across manufacturers are based on this style of design. Bilstein 5100 and Rancho RS7000MT are very similar, both of these monotube shocks are going to ride nearly identical; Rancho RS5000X is the newly improved RS5000, now a gas charged unit, while an upgrade over their previous product, doesn't match the consistent ride quality of a monotube shock. Ours is a P30 chassis. The car feels jittery over uneven pavement vs. Ford Ranger Made Tougher with the B6 Offroad Read More Koni Shocks are the industry leading choice for suspension control and ride comfort. Just need a quick opinion, I was shopping for the Bilstein B6 for my MS6, but the fronts are currently on backorder. The standard MPS springs are already lowered so they will work with the Bilstein B8s. Both Koni & Bilstein have lasted "forever". Koni sport vs Bilstein HD? . I found on the stock springs I had the Koni cranked up all the way and still wasn't satisfied with them, so I upgraded to the HD, which in my book is much stiffer and better. With BILSTEIN B8 6112 you will experience off-road on another level. are the gabriel and monroe shocks any good? or should i pay extra for another brand Re: Koni vs Bilstein vs whatever I have had the Bilsteins in for a few years now and can confirm you get the best out of them when you mate them to the correct springs . Page 1 of 2 - gabriel vs monroe vs koni vs whatever else is out there - posted in Suspension & Steering: hi im at the stage where its time to buy some shocks and springs springs i might go for king springs unless lovells arent much dearer. T's on the front, keep the TC's on the back Bilstein Shocks: What Shocks are Right for Me? …Bilstein's do cost more, and there is a performance difference between all of the shocks. Tom. I found the Bilstein TC to be a very nice match for my Mk4 Jetta. I remember the technician that did it said it is the right way to go and you do not need to change sway bars. Koni Sport in terms of harshness - I was just trying to say that, generally, the monotube design is a bit more performance oriented and has the potential for more aggressive damping than a regular twin tube design, which in turn, has the potential to be more comfortable. Off-Road Performance. However, I haven't had any issues with KONI. I just put Koni FSD's on my e39 sport, and they are awesome! KONI has taken shock absorber performance and comfort to the next level with patented Frequency Selective Damping) technology. fitting the appropriate camber/castor kits and nolathane bushes up front. They were a good budget shock to get me going. bilstein c'est increvable et franchement efficace; raide mais efficace et avec les eibach c'est la reference. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Wow is all I can say. "> I have used Bilstein's on 4x4's only and they are very good and durable shocks, have no experience with them on my 911. that having Koni up front and Billies in the back will balance the ride if one has semi-heavy leaf springs Koni Yellow Sport Shocks are designed to work effortlessly on lowered vehicles and track cars "Just installed on my Volvo S40 with Eibach Pro Springs and Continental DW tires. Bilstein B8 vs stock. T (“Street”) line of performance dampers. Sizing of the original shocks absorbers is respected and with the high quality components KONI uses the durability is improved. That is not say Koni are not great shocks. In the case of Koni vs Bilstein, there shouldn't be an argument for a clear winner, they are both top-notch products and that is just my personal opinion---which is what makes this country worth living in! _____ Bilstein or Koni is usually the correct answer if you want shocks that actually work well. Bilstein is a more premium take on shocks, but with the higher price tag you always get increased performance, tighter control, and better longevity. Probably due to the parts I took off all being completely shot. RX-8 KONI Shocks - Rear (except 2008 RX-8 - Bilstein equipped cars) (8240-1227 Sport) - KONI has a long-standing reputation in racing circles as a manufacturer of high performance, top quality shocks and struts. These struts bolt in and are rebound adjustable. Too much in my opinion unless you have some firm aftermarket springs. I thought Boge shocks were black or grey? Anybody seen anything like this They are equal to the Bilstein B4, the mono tube variants are equal to the B6. I'm a year out, probably 3500miles on it, and it rides awesome. havent ridden in a car with konis so cant compare. Koni FSD helped greatly with the "NO Shock" feel that we had with Bilstein shocks. But research seems to show that B4 is basically exactly the same as OEM which is also made by Bilstein and B6 is an upgrade. Presently the vehicle is bone-rattling on corrugations with old OME and Pedders shocks, to the point of being uncontrollable. please let me know if you have an experience with either WHAT SHOCKS TO BUY: KYB VS Monroe VS Bilstein's. Click here for Front Coil-Over Kits. T's in terms of valving, but based on their prices, I'm assuming they're similar. I used Koni adjustables and in the stiff setting you could feel everything but you could also make a hard right turn at 30mph. bilsteins it a good choice and you dont have to add oïl but for myself do prefert koni they are ajustable . The reason they ride is so rough is because Bilstein sports have a very rough initial compression, whereas the Koni sports have a softer initial compression but have a steeper compression valving curve. Comparing the black OEM line Bilstein to the Koni is illogical. Just a different Re: Koni vs Bilstein differences Hey Steve - I have Koni's and am very please with them. I think my next car will have 'Dynamic Damper Control' or similar - that is the only way to get the best of both worlds. Shoduchi Escreveu:Vai para os Bilstein B8, a Bilstein vende esse amortecedores com essas molas no kit B12. 1 ltr 4500 v8 and is around the 14,200 weight range. Koni is also offering our new Frequency Selective Damper (FSD) for select motorhomes. Then they're the Bilstein sports, I hear Bilstein are the shock guys, they were OEM on 911's for a while. um amigo meu vive no rato e tem um smart. Apologies for digging up the old thread, but I am curious what some of you might suggest for me regarding my decision between bilstein/springs vs kwv3. Koni Yellow I am in the middle of reading Jan Zuijdijk's book (founder of JRZ) who was the principle designer for Koni before leaving to found his own company. They DO NOT cover normal wear and tear. Adjusting the Koni's can be a pain, and not all are rebuildable. Koni Front Replacement Struts, 82-92 Camaro Firebird. d'autant plus que les eibach -30mm ne la feront baisser que de 15mm car les bilstein sont bien raides. The Bilsteins are monotube vs. le B8 a une tige plus courte et sert pour decendre une voiture de plus de 6cm; autant dire que tout a fait d'accord. The reason I did this was I had put Bilstein HDs on the rear the spring prior and both were blown out by the following spring and I wasn't keen on doing the job every year so The rod would move with little or no resistance. On to the question. I am intending to replace my OE shocks on my 78SA which is stock and would like some opinions, pros and cons, preferences etc. My car is running old and tired oem shocks and lowering springs, all of which need to be replaced. koni or bilsteins ? Performance Shock, Inc : - Service, Repairs & Rebuilds Shock Absorbers Torrington Bearings Shock Parts & Tools Springs Mounts & Bushings Oils & Fluids Bearings and Spacers Bump Rubbers/Stops ZF Sachs Clutches Plumbing / AN Fittings Mountain Bike - (MTB) MTB Helmets & Apparel Koni, Ohlins, Moton, Penske, Hypercoils, High Performance shock absorbers, suspension, rebuild service Bilstein vs Stock shocks- Z06. Well the time has come to do new shocks all around, I've heard differing opinions about shock, KYB, Koni, Monroe etc. Bilstein Shocks. After searching, I can't seem to find where anyone compares these head to head. Re: Bilstein 5100 vs OEM Z71 Ride Quality Jun 21 2012, 4:54pm I my camaro, i like koni yellow over bilsteins , but im new to these off-road. please let me know if you have an experience with either High quality Koni, Bilstein and Boge shocks & Struts for dodge, freightliner, or mercedes Sprinter Salty's new B60 equipped Troopy - Salty Davenport Read More . Bilstein coil overs vs Konis for street We sell our KONI's for $669, and Bilstein Coilovers for $879. 0 Performance or Bilstein 5100???" We’ve ran both types of shocks on the same truck, so the following synopsis comes from real-world offroad miles and pushing our vehicles hard. My opinion is I prefer the progressive rate rear on the street and I've been happier in the past with Bilstein vs. Sorry I can't offer any insight on the Koni. OEM -- original ride but pricey in comparison. SLP Bilstein vs Koni STRT. Koni has an extra perk which allows you to purchase replacements at half the cost while your own are being serviced. That is with Poly bushings all around in my Galant. Better vehicle dynamics in any situation. noticed. Carnewal - Porsche parts from GT Exhausts, Spoilers, BBS Wheels, Pedals, Suspension, Raid Steering Wheels, Cup exhausts, Seats and our own Front Protection bar to accessories like Car covers, Key Chains, Child Seats and iPhone Cases. Koni/Bilstein shocks are great and top quality gear, but the best result we have achieved in terms of a ride/handling compromise was the fitment of Tein Adjustable Coilover package, with EDC box. Eibach vs. The Thunderbird 8041 1202Sport rear shock was discontinued in 2011, so finding a set of those new old stock is very unlikely. I put Koni SAs (yellow) on my wife's 325iX wagon and it made such a difference that even the mrs. KONI Sport dampers do a good job livening up the vehicle’s handling, with the traditional feel of a sports suspension (handling versus ride quality). Arguably, Bilstein is a better quality shock (they survive rally abuse better then Koni's), but to most people, the cost of getting them revalved to suit you setup precludes getting them setup properly. Bilsteins are used on UPS vans and exceed 100,000 mile life on a regular basis as would the other top brand shocks. 5 wheels with 215/40/17 and 265/35/18 star specs. Bilstein shocks and struts are known all over the world as the best performance shocks for cars, trucks and motorhomes. Want some new struts? What brand springs to buy? How much camber to run? What brake pads? What's the best setup for your situation Well. Koni has been a name in the suspension industry since Jesus played full-back for the Nazareth under-nines. I like the adjustability of the Koni. Koni and KYB are both overhyped in my opinion. Also take a look at the Vogtland coilovers for $799. thanks guys. le B8 a une tige plus courte et sert pour decendre une voiture de plus de 6cm; autant dire que koni's or bilstein's for 78 landcruiser Unread post by just78 » June 1st, 2011, 11:27 pm Ive got a 78 landcruiser and planing a trip to the Kimberley. Not sure they make them for all MH's however. Corrugations maybe 30km at a time. This means that the ability to write new posts and access various member features will go away. I currently have tokico struts/shocks and I am not overly impressed so I will not be buying those again. I'm not trying to steer you just to Bilsteins, there are other good shocks, Koni, Viking QA1 but I think they'll be a lot more. Are you an adventure seeker? In this case we have exactly the right shock absorber for you. the Koni which just use oil. The Koni Heavytrack and Raid shocks designed for the 80 series can be special ordered into north america from holland. The KONI Sport offers a sportier, more responsive feel to the car under all circumstances and work on vehicles with higher performance parts. The-IS tout a fait d'accord. the Koni adjustable twin tube. Edelbrock makes a very good ZJ shock. I am looking to mate these with H&R Race Springs. I don't believe the Koni Sports are more comfortable than the OEM shock even on the 'soft' setting with adjustment only possible on the front. Bilstein race shocks on my BMW actually ride very nice, even with lower and stiffer springs. Will most likely come down to cost. The result is more damping force, even under loads, providing you with performance that you can feel. I never actually tried the softer settings so I can't offer any help there. Koni and Bilstein I have herd of since the Which is the best shock/strut for maximum ride comfort? (Bilstein vs Koni) Upgrades (non TDI Engine related) The Koni FSD seems to give the best of both worlds - under real, 'Indian' road conditions. Either is a good choice, and I guess it's up to price and availability and possibly your personal preference. Any help is gratefully If your stilll not satisfied or you have determined that you need to change the suspension both Koni and Bilstein's are great. The motorhome drives great but we noticed that when we hit rough road i. Whether you KONI Shocks & Struts OEM Shocks & Struts Bilstein B8 Performance Plus (Sport) Rear Left Shock - 24-143974 - E70 X5, E71 X6. If you want Bilstein and you want them now, 5100’s are your only option. My 240 is noticeably harder suspension wise but thats probably due to the springs as well. Re: Bilstein HD vs. The introduction of the first mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber in a standard production Mercedes-Benz vehicle in 1957 by what was at that time the 'Fittings and car jack manufacturer BILSTEIN' (Beschlag- und Wagenheber-Hersteller BILSTEIN) is still today considered a major contribution to active driving safety. When feeling "rich" I splurged on a set of Koni Reds for my spider, along with new rotors, pads, and rubber brake lines. 2. "street" orange for street performance and tasteful lowering, KONI Sport Yellow adjustable for adjustable dampening for road and track, and KONI FSD shock and strut kits for handling & control without sacrificing ride comfort. sei que os koni sport sao bastante rijos. But just wondered if anyone had had any experience with the Koni,s I have Eibach springs to complement whichever choice I make lol. Koni shocks and suspension components have delivered championship-caliber performances on a variety of motorsports series—everything from F1 to weekend autocross—since 1955. The Strut thread - Koni / Illumina / Tokico / Carrera / Bilstein / Ground Control Sign in to follow this . The Bilstein HD or Sport series in this case. Its easy to do a few practice laps with the Koni's, then pull in to the pits to turn a knob and do some more laps. Appreciate your Simply put, the Koni FSD will be the most compliant ride of the 3 dampers you listed. It works or its broken. Bilstein Sport will be the firmest. or better yet look into daves adjustable shock. He was getting the same banging, jarring, teeth rattling in the rear we are getting. Anyone pay the money for Koni's? I saw them on lmperformance. The 5100 Bilstein is a zinc coated shock with a few optional height settings. By VetteSthetics, August 12, 2014 in Tuning & Technical. - Bad finish paint - Spring under bracket is supported by ring, not welded to shock body - Twin tube, I think I'll choose Bilstein to replace Koni I use Koni Sport in set for my car This is a great shock, but after 70. This Koni front replacement strut gives your original worn suspension improved ride and handling qualities. I know the Koni rears are monotube and the koni's are twin-tube, but dont know exactly how this would effect the handling of an e30. I will say the ride is sporty and FIRM with all 4 koni's set to 50%. ideally you want shortened dampers for lowering springs so you can retain full damper travel in all road situations. Quality wise there is not much if anything between them. I've always used Koni Sports in the past, but my current 07 Mustang has Koni's would be nice for their damping adjustability, but I'd be just as happy with the non adjustable Bilsteins. Now includes a set of new rear bumpstops - a $45 value. As long as shocks/strut inserts are matched to the springs, they'll last the same. Classically, 5-6 months later Koni came out with the FSD's. Bilstein has changed their shocks and supposedly they are a much better riding shock than before, I personally have no experience with their new shock. I prefer the stiffer ride. i wish i would have. will order them tomorrow! Do Bilstein and Koni make their own rear shocks from scratch or do they put their own internal parts in the OEM Boge casing? The reason I ask is that I came across a used pair of yellow rear 245 shocks (suggesting maybe Konis) but there was "Boge" stamped in the metal. Find out what a difference the right motorhome shock absorber can make. los koni no. Koni c'est bon 40 000kms puis ca se tasse et ca devient tape cul. Built to OE quality standards, the BILSTEIN B6 delivers increased performance when demands are high. Has anybody thought of using some shock pin extenders with the Koni's and the 2WD lifted springs? I know its not gonna give you more travel,but it would help with topping out the shock. Bilstein vs. The plates make no noise and are very nice. The regular GR-2's I had on my Fiat were too stiff and simply didn't feel like they were engineered for the application. Suspension, Steering and Chassis. Lots of unsprung weight, a lack of suspension travel and generally subpar roads (compared to Cali or Japan or Europe) mean that my car is crashing over bumps and often bottoming out. Saying that Koni or Bilstein would be better than OEM dampers for lowering. It just feels as if the Koni does a better job of controlling the spring. Koni vs. It badly needs new shocks. I have Bilstein on both of my 280SL's and am quite pleased. com has the right shocks for your vehicle at the right price. And the roads by my house would put a Dakar rally stage to shame in some areas. Bilstein is a monotube - these do not fade due to high gas pressure. Looking at the options offered by KONI and Bilstein is a good place to start your search. Tokico has no plans to change their attachment method, so if you are looking to install a rear coil over kit, currently Bilstein and Koni are the only options. Now that it's time to start the Koni is a renowned manufacturer of hydraulic shock absorbers and suspension systems with a great experience gained during more than 150 years. Might be a road course vs autox thing too, but the Bilstein Touring or Sport shocks? At some point during the month of August the Roadfly forums are going to become archive only. My sup is driven pretty hard, lots of canyon runs out here in So Cal, it's made it out to the track a few times and may be auto-x'd at some point. These shocks offer high performance for the aggressive driver with the nice, smooth ride of a very comfortable daily driver. Bilstein B12 vs Eibach & Koni Sports. Generally, the forces generated internally for a given amount of damping are less in a mono-tube damper vs a twin tube due to it's increased piston size (Bilstein 46mm, Koni Heavy track 33mm) but this isn't a problem in the spring rates and motion ratios used in road cars. QA1 vs Bilstein Discussion in ' or get koni. We offer Bilstein Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers for the Freightliner Motorhome. Yikes! I have had some Bilstein B6 dampers on order for the last 2 months and now they will not be in until the end of August . Koni FSD 2. Oem provider, so should be same ride for a few hundred less but not as good a warranty as either oem or Bilstein. Second, the Bilstein is designed and set with valving to create a firm feel at preload, then 'relatively' soft on the compression, followed by stiff rebound resistance. From a rebuild perspective, Bilsteins are considered to be more user friendly because Koni restricts their service to a limited number of authorized repair shops. A bit cheaper than OEM. I'd spend the extra $50 (if that is indeed what it turns out to be). So far I have only driven the car twice as snow/salted roads soon after put an end to that until spring or heavy rains. With lowering springs, I would avoid OEM at all cost - Bilstein TC or Koni only need apply. I'm not knocking Koni as an overall brand, just the 2 comparisons. cost is not an issue. Koni would make some Heavy Tracks up for me but it was a 2-3 month lead time. I know the Koni's are double adjustable but is it really worth that much more? I'm planning on Bilsteins but maybe someone can convince me otherwise. The Koni is the opposite (firm compression resistance, and softer rebound) I have had both, and much prefer the Bilstein feel during normal and spirited driving. Some magazines have read mention that the bilstein sports ride better than the stock shocks (Bimmer has run this many many Bilstein and Koni have each built reputations as the top of the line RV shocks by providing reliable performance for decades of use and millions of miles. What's New 3 12 24 72. Bilstein HD & Koni Sport are very comparable. T Rear Shock for Volkswagen Golf/Jetta IV/Beetle: Shocks & Struts - Amazon. my question to the knowledge filled torana community on this forum is. Every F-Body enthusiast recognizes the Koni brand when it comes to racing and very high performance Camaro shocks and struts. Has anybody had the KONI yellow sport as I may have to look at them to go with my TEIN springs . Any opinions on the B8 vs Koni? AFAIK those who run Konis set them to full stiff, are the B8's comparable? Unless Bilstein has introduced a new shock with valving comparable to valving found in the Koni FSD, I would definitely install the Koni, we did on our coach and found they're well worth the extra $$$ _____ It would be nice if the Koni's were as long as the Bilstein's,but there obviously not. At that time they were noticeable less expensive than Koni. Bilstein vs Koni? It has a chevy chassis with a 6. The OEM strut seems to be going at a much higher price then both B4 and B6 at reputable vendors. KONI uses superior materials in the manufacture of their components to ensure significantly improved handling and excellent durability. Konis that are custom-valved to make a lot of force also have a tendency to explode but that's a "Doctor, it hurts when I do this" problem, not Koni's fault. The other is the Bilstein B12 kit, which is Eibach Springs and Bilstein shocks. Think H&R or Evolve. trocou pelos koni sport(cor amarela) e notou logo que perdeu bastante conforto face aos de origem. Bilstein's website lists the same B6 HD struts and shocks for 2005-2011 V6, GT, and GT500. Koni At some point during the month of August the Roadfly forums are going to become archive only. Maybe the older models were just shorter. I chose Koni Sport adjustibles all around for my SC. Many new rigs come equipped with Sachs shock absorbers, as was the case on our test coach – a 2008 Tiffin Phaeton 36QSH 36-foot diesel-pusher on a Freightliner XC raised-rail chassis with a 228-inch wheelbase. He swears up and down that it is rebound that makes a car feel harsh, not compression. Koni Yellow in my 240 and Bilstein HD (front) on the 760 from my brother. Went to the Bilstein sports, the compression damping was better (still bottomed over everything) but the rebound was making me seasick (I don't get seasick when I go sailing so) My vote, bad setup either way. do they work? do they Indeed. The RS5000 is a generically valved shock which is generally over valved. In order to evaluate the performance of these I recently rebuilt my suspension using Koni adjustable sport struts and shocks, Ireland Engineering stage 2 springs and all poly bushings. Like $250 for koni's at American muscle as opposed to $225 for the bilstien. With lifetime warranties offered and decades of producing durable and rugged shocks, you'll be very excited with the performance they bring your vehicle. Given those choices I would only use bilstein. If you have any questions about fit or application please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have. when the car was brand new. The best and highest-performing shocks made for your 911 are Bilsteins. The Koni Sport strut provides modern technology for early muscle cars. There are other better choices out there. My Bounder T28 had the 1999 18K Chassis (In a 98 Model Bounder -- no F53 in 98. It rides a little tighter than the 5100 on road. On a less expensive note, what is the difference between the Koni's and Bilsteins in regards to using the car on the track? Buy Koni (8050 1001) STR. Koni is "save now, pay later" where Bilstein is "pay now, save later". Well, I spent the nearly $400. I am a little confused, however, as to the difference between OEM strut and the Bilstein B4 and B6 strut. I don't love or hate bilstein, I just don't think they are anything special, especially at $225 each. I was thinking king springs for the springs and leafs but have heard mixed reports on which shock to go with. I still have the old suspension so if it gets unbearable I can swap back! Interestingly Bilstein say the B14 setup is softer than the softest setting on the B16 (fully adjustable set up) which is why I went for it. Stock Bilsteins are overdamped for the very soft stock springs, the result of using springs like our RoadsterSport that are better matched to the damping means the ride doesn't feel much different (and actually much better over bigger undulations in the surface than floppy stock setup). the ride is fine now. _____ Sachs (Boge) vs. Corvette: Shock Absorber Reviews. Both Bilstein and Koni provide lifetime warranty against materials and workmanship (i. i was just after some thoughts on a 2" lift suspension upgrade. If Bilstein is like leaps and bounds better i'll save and stick with Bilsteins. A few years ago Koni realized that not everyone needs the added cost and complexity of their full on adjustable shocks, so they started offering the STR. Typical overbuilt German quality. Ts: reading some opinions that they soften turn-in, and that's a turn-off for me Bilstein B6: found very little on these, but they currently don't have any negatives I can find, either Penske vs. I have read great reviews on both the Bilstein HD's and the Koni FSD's and need to decide if the Koni's are worth twice the $$$ of the Bilsteins. I think Bilstein's are just too soft. com. I did add Koni Adjustable SP1 all the way around, when we first bought the used coach. I've had Bilstein Sports on some of my other cars  I am also completely unfamiliar with koni. I also have sos swaybars and a 17x8-18x9. Don't know how long they'll last, but they still look brand new, and rebound good. component failures). Bilstein australia has no standard setup sold for larger lifts and the stock shocks apparently get used a lot on bigger lifts. Think of the latter two as your standard-fare upgrade from OEMs. And I stopped staying up on the F53's when we bought our DP. com Bulletin Board Koni yellows VS Bilstein B8 Originally Posted by lup15. Since I want to get at least one auto-x/track-day in this season and I have put my suspension refresh on hold since August 2017, I need to find a new option. My Profile My Preferences My Mates. If you are after a mild Koni will also rebuild and revalve for you, although the labour and parts pricing is a little high. The Bilstein's are a good choice. koni vs bilstein

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